Imagine 365 had a birthday…….shhhh.

Hi Peeps,

Yes, it’s true, imagine365 has been posting for over a year now with your help, of course. The 365 bit kind of slipped past without me realizing and when I did notice there were still posts to be made and imaginings kept on coming from myself and others. So it seems we will continue while there are daydreams and wishes to be shared. Also, I haven’t lost conviction in the power of thought to produce positive change. In fact, in the practice of Buddhism, we first create a pure world within our minds using imagination and eventually inhabit that world. So please keep your imaginative juices flowing and together we’ll use our collective consciousness to create the changes we want to see and hopefully enjoy ourselves along the way. At the very least, I hope some of these imaginings have made you smile, wonder, wish, create.

I thought that with Christmas coming up we could try creating our own imaginative twelve (fifteen actually, there are no rules to imagining) days of Christmas. I will start tomorrow with a post that uses the words “imagine” and “Christmas” in the same sentence. I have already come up with a few but please feel free to send in your own by clicking on the pink “What do you imagine?” button on the website or post to the FB page or however you want to get in touch.

So I wish you all a Happy Christmas and holiday time through the posts to follow.

And as always, much love,


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