Happy Birthday to Us

Hi Everybody,

It’s our 4 month birthday today. That means we have posted one hundred and twenty imaginings on our site. One hundred and twenty positive, funny, thought-provoking, world changing ideas that have been contributed by you. We are very happy to have had this response and support. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and for visiting imagine365 for a daily dose of inspiration.

Please continue to be a part of this project by clicking on the “What do you imagine?” button or sharing our site or Facebook page with your friends. All ages are welcome to contribute and all imaginings are treasured and appreciated. Together we are sending out beautiful thoughts into our world and since thoughts become action this is both a whimsical place for expression as well as a place to voice your deepest wishes for yourself and our society, to share these with others and to create a positive flow of energy and inspiration that will lead to change.¬†As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

So Happy Birthday to You (and coincidentally, to me).

Love imagine365.



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