A very big thank you.

Imagine365 has been running for fifty days now and can only exist because people have contributed their amazing imaginings. Thank you to everyone who has clicked the “What do you imagine?” button and shared your brilliant ideas. We are so grateful for the positive energy that you have offered us and our readers.… Read the rest

Insecurities do not exist.

I love today’s imagining by Diana, “Imagine the things you would do if you had no insecurities.”

This idea inspired me from first thing in the morning and I did something that I had hesitated about just the day before. The details don’t really matter and they would be different for us all but simply the thought that my insecurities could fall away made me feel free to take a step forward where I had been afraid to tread.… Read the rest


Imagine365 has been running for 3 weeks now and we are thrilled with the contributions made and the people popping by for a look at what others are thinking, dreaming and imagining. Thanks so much to all who have visited our site.… Read the rest

Collective consciousness


A few weeks ago when we talking about imagine365 at home, my son came up with today’s imagining, “Imagine instead of walking places we used waterslides”.

Several days later on a plane, I picked up a magazine which featured multi-disciplinary artist, Luke Jerram.… Read the rest

Day One


imagine365 is thrilled to be here as  a forum for people to share their wonderful thoughts, ideas, inventions, imaginings. We invite people of all ages from all around the world to contribute in the form of a short sentence or two your vision of something fabulous for our world.… Read the rest