Call for submissions.

Hi Peeps,

We need your input to imagine365. We want your ideas, dreams, inventions, good heart, optimism……..we want your words. Just a few of them, a sentence is all, that includes the word imagine. Have a flick through some of the recent posts by using the slider on the home page or click on a post that interests you and find your way back through the last 88 days of gorgeous imaginings and be inspired by what other people have submitted. Then, when your words come to mind click on the “What do you imagine?” button and send them over. Be part of something bigger than yourself, create some good karma with your good thoughts and share them with the world through imagine365.

All ages, all nationalities, all imaginings are welcome. Please share this post with all the dreamers and imaginers in your life.

Whisper your imaginings in our ear. We’re listening.

Love imagine365.

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