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I am a writer, meditation teacher, dreamer and imaginer. Imagine365 is where all of these passions come together.

I have recently completed a novel called “I could be love” which I am seeking to have published while I work on my second book. I write short stories and have written, produced and directed a short film. I write for magazines such as Sydney’s Child and Spoonful and my work has also been published in “The wisdom of women – Intimate stories of love, loss and laughter” compiled by Candida Baker and “The Book of Days” An illustrated anthology from the Sydney Writer’s Festival 2015 edited by Zoe Sadoklerski. I blog here http://sistabio.blogspot.com.au/ and of course my writing is all over this site.

As a copy writer I have worked for architects, public speakers, real estate agents, security firms and charities. I have recently updated my studies in copywriting at the Australian Writer’s Centre and am always growing my knowledge of SEO and sales strategy.

Teaching and practising meditation keeps me centred to self and connected to others and has also taught me the importance of being aware of what is happening in our minds, or mindful. Our mind creates our experience of life and this is why I wanted to encourage all of us to think of the most beautiful and positive things through this website and to share them with each other.

Imagination is a powerful tool that we can use freely and to our best advantage.

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