About Kerry Littrich

When I was nine years old I wrote a poem about a homeless guy that I used to see near the local shops, reclining on a park bench, a beer bottle at his fingertips. My teacher loved it, my mum loved it and I was encouraged to write it up all fancy with coloured shading around the edges and hang it on the classroom wall. I was hooked. Writing became my thing.


So did roller skating, netball and find-a-word puzzles but they’ve all fallen by the wayside. Writing has not.


I’ve completed two novels, myriad short stories, hundreds of blog posts, published articles and have a short film to my credit. I’ve written web content for real estate agents, schools, architects and a recruitment firm. I’m an ideas person who has worked in the corporate world for Qantas, British Airways and Thomas Cook. I’ve travelled extensively.


For ten years I’ve been teaching meditation and how to use mindfulness in daily life presenting to groups of 5 to 100 people. I know how to engage an audience, using persuasive language both on and off the page and I’m able to keep calm under pressure. I also teach yoga.


I love writing articles and blog posts, creating eye-catching headlines and working with businesses and individuals to give voice to their ideas and services.


This is my story. Can I help you tell yours?


If you’d like me to write for you please use the contact form on this site or call me to talk about your needs.


Thanks, Kerry.

Mob: 0430 494 682

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