About Kerry Littrich

I am a writer of fiction, a meditation teacher, a dreamer and imaginer. Imagine365 is where all of these passions come together.

I have recently completed a novel called “The Grand Pacific” which is under consideration with an Australian publisher. The book is set in and around Coogee, NSW, Australia which is where I live, work, walk, swim and dream. The story follows beautiful Estella Jones from her childhood living with her alcoholic mother in a run-down hotel by the beach to Europe and back again by way of abuse, fear, success, strength and power.¬† It is about learning to accept the truth of suffering and questions whether we are able to do that and go on to live a happy life.

Teaching and practising Buddhist meditation helps me to be a better person and to keep growing spiritually. For me, it is about seeking real meaning in life and enables me to keep things in perspective and to be happy. I have learnt the great importance of being aware of what is happening in my mind because this directly and indirectly affects my experience of life. This is why I want  to encourage all of us to open our hearts by thinking positively about our wishes for our own lives and for the world and to share them with each other through this website.

Imagination is a powerful tool that we can use freely and to our best advantage. Imagination functions.

Thanks for visiting my site.

With love, Kerry.


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