A short meditation on imagining.

Choose a place to meditate where you will be able to close your eyes and let go of everything for a short while.

Find a comfortable position and let your body relax. Spend a few minutes on this perhaps with your eyes closed.

Forget about everything outside of yourself, just let it all disappear.

There is just you,  your very relaxed body and your slow even breath. Stay like this for as long as you wish.

Naturally your mind will wander. Just follow along like you are following someone along a path, without any judgement of what you see.

If thoughts arise that you would rather not experience stop following them and redirect your mind to your breath or your relaxed body. Then let your mind begin to wander again.

When your mind takes you to an interesting or beautiful place perhaps you will linger there and look around for a while.

Enjoy this experience for as long as you like. This is imagining.

When you are ready to rise from your meditation do so slowly and without losing this gentle, dreamy feeling. Perhaps you can take this more expansive view with you into the rest of your day.

(And when you are next at your computer or on your device, go to imagine365, click on the pink “What do you imagine?” button and share your experience with the rest of us. We’d love to see the world through your eyes. Thank you.)

Love imagine365.


photo: Bryjna Eldon, flickr.

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