Insecurities do not exist.

I love today’s imagining by Diana, “Imagine the things you would do if you had no insecurities.”

This idea inspired me from first thing in the morning and I did something that I had hesitated about just the day before. The details don’t really matter and they would be different for us all but simply the thought that my insecurities could fall away made me feel free to take a step forward where I had been afraid to tread. Thinking about this imagining, I realized that our insecurities do not exist. They are fabrications within our own minds that do not need to have such power over us. They are just an idea which has no form, smell, taste, no real existence outside of our minds. So if we are able to face the uncomfortable feelings that arise around our insecurities and move forwards anyway then they disappear. I suppose we need to be able to cope with the possibility of moving forwards and failing. I am trying to embrace this possibility rather than run away from it. To accept that mistakes and failures are a big part of being human and I do not need to be fearful of them. To put my hand up when I do something wrong, ignorant or hurtful and to take a deep breath and get on with things when something I have worked towards does not come off. To try the next thing.

This is a big part of our original goal with imagine365. To dare to imagine things better, kinder, funnier and with your fabulous contributions we are succeeding. Once again, many thanks and keep imagining.

Love imagine365.

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