Imagine365 has been running for 3 weeks now and we are thrilled with the contributions made and the people popping by for a look at what others are thinking, dreaming and imagining. Thanks so much to all who have visited our site. We hope that it has been cause to smile, wonder and perhaps spark your own imagination. As always please feel free to use the imaginings in any way you choose and contribute any or all ideas that you have by clicking on the “What do you imagine?” button.

We wanted to make mention of the fact that we have received several imaginings along the lines of the one submitted by Paul and published on the 17th of November which read, “Imagine what the world would be like if we were all kind to each other.” You can find it on the site by scrolling left or right from the home page.

It seems such a positive sign that this is what people are wishing for and an imagining that we can surely make manifest. It is not difficult to show kindness to one another. All we need to do is imagine that we are the other person and we will know exactly how to be kind. By doing this, we will have a good idea of how best to help others and to fulfill their wishes. We can also ask.

Our kindness will never run out and will always be appreciated. Think about how we feel when we notice that someone has shown us a kindness. In fact if we open our eyes to this, we will see kindness all around us and just how much we rely upon one another for all our daily needs and wants. How kind people are to help us with all of these things. In this way, our heart warms towards others and we naturally want to repay their kindness and so the cycle goes on. Gratitude also makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, happy in fact.

At imagine365 we appreciate how kind you are for reading our daily offerings and sharing your own and thank you again.

Love imagine365.